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Become a Dealer

Welcome to the Coolstructures Inc Discount Dealer page.

To keep the cost of walk-in units as low as possible, we are only accepting checks, money orders or wire transfers as payment in full at shipment: 40% deposits must be made at time of order and balance is due prior to shipment. 

Coolstructures only registers qualifying dealers that meet all the following criteria.

  • Company telephone number needs to be listed in yellow pages.
  • Company must have a valid EIN and sales tax number.

  • Company must answer the phone with their company name.
  • Company must be in the business of re-selling cold rooms, structural insulated panels, refrigeration systems or be a Certified Contractor
Fill out online form.

Coolstructures Inc will review each application and verify the data above before a sales representative will call to activate an account. Coolstructures reserves the right to accept or reject any applications at their sole discretion.