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Become a Dealer

Welcome to the Coolstructures Inc Discount Dealer page.


To keep the cost of walk-in units down we are only accepting check, money order or wire transfers paid in full at shipment: 40% deposit on order and balance prior to shipment. It is the only way we can offer these units at extremely low prices.

Coolstructures only registers qualifying dealers that meet all the following criteria.

  • Company telephone number needs to be listed in yellow pages.
  • Company must have a valid EIN and sales tax number.

  • Company must answer the phone with their company name.
  • Company must be in the business of reselling cold rooms, structural insulated panels, refrigeration systems or Certified Contractors
Fill out online form.

Coolstructures Inc will review each application and verify the above data then sales representative will call you to activate your account. Coolstructures Cooler reserves the right to accept or reject any applications at their sole discretion.