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Energy Retrofits | Building Renovations

Energy efficiency retrofits and other building renovations for commercial or energy retrofits pharmacy-under-constructionresidential building constructions can be a very cost effective endeavor when Coolstructures Insulated Metal Panels are used. For example, a warehouse design conversion can yield significant energy cost reductions. Similarly, energy retrofits to achieve green building standards increase sustainability if not zero-energy. Additionally:

  • Metal SIPs are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses between 2 inches and 12 inches, allowing achievement of high energy efficiencies to meet green construction standards;
  • Unique tongue, groove, & spine systems make Coolstructures Inc., structural insulated panels easy to retrofit over or within existing buildings, achieving tight connections without thermal shorts;
  • Prefabrication and modular green construction designs can minimize retrofit costs;
  • Coolstructures Inc  panel accessories and attachment details ensure tight seams between any configuration or angle of walls, roof, and floors;
  • Structural Panels up to 60 feet long with high strength can accommodate tall structures and/or broad spans;
  • Light weight, easy to ship, store and handle;
  • Can be manufactured with recycled content, and is recyclable;
  • No CFC's or HCFC's are utilized in the manufacturing processing, achieving either zero or very low ODP and GWP;
  • Coolstructures Inc., green building panels are impervious to moisture and weather and do not require additional siding or vapor barriers;

Coolstructures structural insulated panels for energy retrofits facilitate achievement of green building construction standards LEEDs credits.

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