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Insulated Metal Panels for Environmentally Controlled Buildings and Rooms

Insulated Metal Panels for Environmentally Controlled Buildings and Rooms

Many businesses, which house data centers, manufacturing facilities and product storage Environmentally Controlled Buildings and Rooms, food-processing-roomstructures demand tight environmental control. Coolstructures' structural panels give designers, contractors, and owners the ability to control temperature, moisture and acoustic conditions. 

Coolstructures' metal structural insulated panels(SIPS) are manufactured with laminates that are resistant to mold and corrosion and withstand frequent washdowns. Skins include aluminum and stainless steel.

Over the past 20 years, the Coolstructures' team has developed an advanced insulated building panel system with high "R" values. These SIPS are easy to install and offer the lowest cost per "R"of any similar panel product. With Coolstructures panel products you save $ today and tomorrow.

Coolstructures SIPS are manufactured in a variety of thicknesses(between 2 and 12 inches) and lengths and to each job's specific tolerance needs.

Other options include walk-in coolers/freezers, cold storage warehouses, food processing and storage, floral storage and transportation and pharmaceuticals. Whether walls, flooring or roof insulated panels are required, Coolstructures can provide the ideal customized solution.

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