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Insulated | Sandwich Panels

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Insulated | Sandwich Panels


Coolstructures takes pride in being able to offer you a variety of high-quality and economical panel construction options. All metal panel facings are laminated to rigid insulation using pressure and an elastic adhesive. This ensures a strong and permanent bond while allowing for expansion and contraction during changes to internal and external temperatures. When compared to a “foam-in-place” type of construction, this manufacturing process allows us to offer the most flexibility in panel sizes and insulation and the most cost-effective solution for your refrigerated rooms. It also eliminates any gaps in your panels being “void” of insulation which may occur in a “foam-in-place” panel. You can feel confident in the strength and durability of our panels as they come with a ten-year warranty. 

Panels manufactured with cam-action fasteners make installation fast and simple and make future expansion or relocation of your refrigerated room easier. These panels are available in a maximum width of 45.25”, with insulation thicknesses of 3”, 4”, 6” or 8", and a maximum length of 30 feet. Through the locking action of the fastener, the panels are held together with an airtight seal. These fasteners are made with tongue and groove construction, which aids in the easy and accurate alignment of the panels during installation.

In order to complete the airtight seal between panels there are two options available. Coolstructures offers a factory applied gasket, which makes your installation quick and easy. As the panels are drawn together using the cam-action fastener the gasket is compressed assuring the seams are sealed. As an alternative, at the time of installation caulking can be applied on the insulation between the panels with a finishing bead of silicone on the seams after the room is assembled. 


Coolstructures' offers another panel option built with an invisible joint snap lock system. It allows for easy and accurate alignment of panels which are made with tongue and groove construction. These panels snap securely together providing an airtight seal and can be taken down and re-installed without causing damage to the panels.



Series AKVATEK Invisible Joint”™ micro-ribbed or smooth.

The “AKVATEK Invisible Joint”™ line has the added feature of the “AKVATEK Joint”™ (extension of the lip on the female side over the male side) to create a correct sanitary finish. The excellent thermal seal as well as the construction of the joint is guaranteed by a special .orporated polyurethane gasket. The “Invisible Joint” line is available in either micro-ribbed or smooth version. On thicknesses in excess of 4’’ a double fitting is provided.





W = 4’’

W = 6’’


Fitted joints with .orporated gasket and two fastenings at the ends.


Double fitted joints with .orporated gasket and two fastenings at the ends Gasket.









METALS: The most commonly offered panel facings include:
26 gauge (G90) stucco embossed and smooth galvanized steel(clear acrylic coating)
26 gauge (G90) stucco embossed and smooth galvanized steel (U.S.D.A. white painted surface)
.019 stucco embossed and smooth aluminum (unpainted surface)
.019 stucco embossed and smooth aluminum (white painted surface)
Stainless steel (No. 304)

Other metal options are available, if desired, on special order.

INSULATION: Insulation offered in various thicknesses:

1. Class 1 expanded polystyrene 1.0-2 lbs per cu. ft. density (3",4”, 6",8" thickness)
UL Classified: Flame spread 15
Smoke developed 80-160



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