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Food and Meat Processing| Structural Insulated Panels

Meat and Food Processing and Storage Buildings Using Insulated Metal Panels

Meat and food processing plants, facilities, and storage buildings must not only meet strict thermal controls they should be able to control bacteria, grease, and dust. Coolstructures' structural insulated metal panels(SIPS) are highly washable, hygienic and resistant to mold and stains. Whether manufactured for walls, flooring or ceiling panels they help support a clean work environment. Panels are available in a variety of skins including galvanized and stainless steel and aluminum.

Coolstructures’ energy-saving and thermal control properties come from our high-quality EPS (expanded polystyrene) cores. Offered in a variety of thicknesses between 2 and 12 inches, these structural insulated panels offer unsurpassed thermal efficiency, providing the lowest cost per “R”of any similar panel product.

Applications include:

  • poultry processing
  • chicken/beef storage
  • milk/dairy storage
  • fish and seafood processing and storage
  • fruit and grain storage

Coolstructures' panels are easy to install, using a simple "tongue-and-groove" design than reduces thermal bridging (heat loss), which can be prevalent in more complex designs. Panels simply slide into place and are easily secured to the building’s steel superstructure. In fact, Coolstructures' insulated panels are so strong and secure, they actually enhance the strength and rigidity of the structure.


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