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Coolstructures Modular Warehouse Design

Modular Warehouse Design

Coolstructures structural insulated metal panels are ideal for warehouses, including commercial cold storage, controlled humidity, or any environmentally controlled storage facilities where energy efficiency or LEEDs construction credits are desirable. Coolstructures' modular warehouse designs using our Structural Insulated Panels (metal SIPs) provide a proper environment for meat, food, ice, pharmaceuticals or other goods and materials that require temperature and humidity protection.

Refrigerated warehouses and cold storage facilities preserve the quality of perishable goods while achieving the energy objectives of green building designs. Coolstructures' modular warehouse designs can accommodate virtually any variety of project dimensions to conveniently and safely store refrigerated items, plus be tailored to fit the needs of any associated handling equipment, receiving and shipping operations, associated trucking and loading docks as well as the needs of operating personnel. This includes frozen storage, cold rooms, processing plants and mechanical areas. 

Coolstructures' panels are available in a variety of widths, lengths, thicknesses, laminates, colors, and textures. The panels can be pre-assembled before shipping or can be easily slipped into place on the job-site. Our modular construction approach reduces shipping and/or construction costs; plus the strength of Coolstructures' structural insulated panels can reduce the amount of internal steel framework needed- - further reducing construction costs and the thermal efficiencies of Coolstructures' panels will reduce operating costs far into the future.