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Insulated Metal Building Systems| Insulated Metal Panels.


Insulated Metal Panels:


Metal Structural Insulated Panels those are incredibly strong, lightweight, and easy to install. Ideal for new or retrofit buildings where energy efficiency, environmental, or process control is important. (More>>)


High strength means longer spans and less need for internal steel framework for wall / roof / floor construction in insulated metal buildings Available in multiple textures, colors, and skins (including steel, stainless steel, galvanized, and FRP)


Insulated Metal Panels for Cold Storage


Whether cold storage warehousing, food process plants, coolers, freezers, or refrigeration Coolstructures's structural insulated panels provide the highest in energy savings while offering ease of construction and architectural aesthetics: (More>>)


Performance in the most demanding environments (e.g. 140°F wall differentials) The high thermal efficiencies, options for clean rooms, and ease of construction make Coolstructures cold storage buildings the cost-effective alternative Buildings and processes dependent on tight environmental controls are increasingly common, and Coolstructures panels are the optimal solution


Food & Meat Process Plants


Meat and food processing and storage buildings must not only be thermally insulated, but they must be able to control bacteria, grease, or dust. Coolstructures panels enable compliance: (More>>)


2-12 inches of EPS insulation = superior thermal insulating efficiencies Stainless steel, Galvalume, or FRP skins allow for cleanliness and frequent washdowns Light weight and inherent structural integrity minimize construction costs


Commercial Buildings: Insulated Panels


Metal SIPS for superior energy efficiency and achievement of aesthetic objectives: (More>>) Lightweight panels reduced shipping costs while improving construction efficiencies Walls and roofs 2 to 12 inches thick, achieving R-values over 50 (See finished building photo below)




Modular Insulated Buildings


Using Insulated Metal Panels Can be pre-engineered, pre-assembled, and shipped to location. Or can be built-in-place! (More>>)


If all buildings in the U.S. were as energy-efficient as COOLSTRUCTURES, INC., there would be no need for imported oil!! Walls and roofs can be from 2 to 12 inches thick, achieving R-values over 50 Outer skins of various metals, textures, colors, and facings




Residential Green Homes:


Metal SIPs Typical "wood based" SIPs are heavy and subject to moisture and insect problems. COOLSTRUCTURES, INC. Metal SIPs go up faster, and are more storm resistant that wood framed homes: (More>>)


Lightweight insulated metal panels improve construction efficiencies Walls and roofs can be from 2 to 12 inches thick, achieving R-values over 50 Texture (such as stucco) and color options are multiple; brick facings or siding can be added




Here are some of the applications our product can be customized for:







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