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Refrigerated Storage Warehouses

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When investing in a storage warehouse facility, it is important to remember the most costly part of your investment is most often the product which you are storing. Depending on the type of product, it's tolerance to temperature changes within the storage room will vary. But in all cases, a loss of temperature caused by equipment failure can be a very costly problem. Through the proper design of redundant refrigeration systems, you can protect your investment. Talk to us at Coolstructures Refrigeration and see how cost effectively you can assure the quality of your products in long term storage.

When designing any large cold storage area, it is important that optional construction techniques are understood before you make a final decision on how you will proceed with your project. For example, our experienced personnel can review options available to insulate large floor areas and the advantages of each for your particular location and operation.Coolstructures refrigerated buildings deliver the maximum in strength, convenience, and economy. We have the ability to design a structure that installs quickly and saves plenty. Our reliable distribution process will supply everything you need, and we'll have your building up and running in no time. Custom design is part of the process. Regardless of what kind of business you're in, Coolstructures provides refrigerated buildings to meet the needs of each individual customer. The top-grade construction on a Coolstructures refrigerated building makes for a tough, dependable structure. Double-return flanges on the panel skins securely anchor metal to foam. Caulk-free joints and precisely molded urethane tongues and grooves on panel edges assure a snug fit and minimize heat transfer. Best of all, our renowned fully insulated, energy-efficient 4", 5" or 6" (101, 127, 152mm)panels drastically lower your energy costs when utilizing Coolstructures Inc refrigeration equipment available with a wide range of refrigerants Coolstructures refrigerated buildings deliver on all levels. They're economical, resilient, and loaded with benefits ...

Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated interior and exterior with choice of rugged, good-looking finishes Available in Galvalume steel, aluminum, stainless steel, white and sand tan polyester finish . Packaged refrigeration systems, Wide selection of doors, from hinged or sliding, manual or power-operated ... all doors are constructed with heavy-duty steel.



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