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Residential Metal Structural Insulated Panels Systems: Insulated metal panels

Residential Structural Insulated Panels Systems. Residential Green Homes


Typical "wood based" SIPs are heavy and subject to moisture and insect problems. Akvatek Metal SIPs go up faster, and are more storm resistant than wood framed homes:


  • Lightweight insulated metal panels improve construction efficiencies
  • Walls and roofs can be from 2 to 12 inches thick, achieving R-values over 50
  • Texture (such as stucco) and color options are multiple; brick facings or siding can be added


Structural Insulated Metal Panels (Metal Structural Insulated Panels Metal Panels sip homeSystems) have been used for decades since they provide an inherent combination of insulation and structural integrity, making construction easier. Traditional Structural Insulated Panels Systems typically utilize OSB laminates glued over polystyrene core insulation. Unfortunately OSB Structural Insulated Panels Systems are not only heavy but also require wood framing, absorb moisture, require vapor barriers, and must also include siding to make them weather-proof.

Increasing energy costs in past years have appropriately focused our attention on green buildings (including green homes and prefab or modular homes). Coolstructures's energy efficient composite panels are produced by laminating metal (aluminum or steel) over high-quality polystyrene, resulting in lighter, more durable insulated panels suitable for green homes. They do not additional membranes to achieve impermeability to water and fully recommended for exterior use.

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